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IT industry is a very dynamic place with hundreds of devices and systems becoming available every month. While Zabbix company and community deliver many templates for monitoring of mature hardware and systems, plenty of new or industry specific equipment or software may be missing such templates. While an option to create required templates in-house exists, there are many benefits of ordering such development from Zabbix.

Template Building Services are designed to provide Zabbix customers with a comfortable, cost-efficient and secure way to start monitoring their devices and systems in no time according to the needs and specifications, complexities and monitoring system requirements of the organization. Here are just a few examples of when Template Building Services may be needed – an organization has purchased a brand new storage equipment (example of new equipment) or management has made a decision to start monitoring temperature of all refrigerators across their grocery retail stores (example of unique equipment).

Template Building Services guarantee to Zabbix customers that a required template will be designed, adapted and customized in the most professional way, based on experience and knowledge of our specialists, while maintaining cost-efficiency.


Save time and money on the quality assured services performed by experienced Zabbix engineers
Rest assured that templates are fine tuned to your environment and do not overload your device or network and get the confidence that configured alerts are timely and relevant
Get recommendations and suggestions on how to best utilize the functionality to its fullest
Invest in further development of open-source product to benefit over 50,000 users worldwide
Take the opportunity for your template to be supported in upcoming Zabbix versions without additional cost, subject to template complexity and popularity

There is certain information, which we require to process Template Building Services for our clients:

Precise device model, whether it is a physical device or a system
Precise list of what exactly needs to be monitored and how this information should be collected
MIB document (for SNMP devices only)
Access to the device or system for limited time to process template testing
Please note that a template provides only a collection of required information/parameters from a specific device or system. Template Building Services do not include the setup of triggers, alerts, escalations and graphs, which however may be ordered separately within Turn-Key Solution services.

If you have all required information and decided to submit your request for Zabbix Template Building Services, please complete the Template Building Request Form.

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